My Next 70 days


My Next 70 days … Will be working on my willpower and mindset.
Since I have been sick I have lived in an unending pity party, blaming everyone and everything, for being sick, settling for the very basics of life and thinking “why me”. Always feeling sorry for myself thinking the world owes me,for what I go through… (It doesn’t) Since starting this adventure, I have worked on defeating this part of my ego. My dearest friends from Alberta. Has helped me with it as well as opening a new world to me. (I miss them daily)
I recently had a setback in my schedule. Due to health. It will happen again unfortunately. And it has caused my willpower to crash and my ego has kicked into high gear. It’s been telling me old stories, that it’s ok to stop or slow down, people will understand…watch that show or spend extra time on YouTube…instead of reading or learning or even writing this.
I can’t let that happen. I can’t fall back ever again. I won’t. I made a promise to myself, my dear friend and even you. I knew that this would be a difficult adventure. But it’s worth it.
To live a life worthy. To be the change. I have a lot of work to do with the time I have left. I’m working on it.

Be the Change 🌎 Carpe Diem 💚🤟🏼