Updated Life


Starting in April and for the next six months (possibly longer), I will be going through a medical treatment that will be very hard on my body and mind. But instead of accepting it, I’m going to try to turn things around as much as I can. I will focus on as many positive things as possible: movies, books, people, places, hobbies, plants.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for positive activities to focus on, please leave a comment below. (And strictly avoid anything negative, please.)

I’ve already made some changes, including my schedule, my 30 challenges, my diet, and sleep. I know there will be hard days ahead and I have to adapt my life to accommodate them at least for the next few months. I’ve even been preparing my home for it.

I’m continuing my social media ban and adding a daily meditation for my next 30-day challenge.

I’m also going to try to focus on today and tomorrow and not worry about the rest. I will learn something new every day. I will practice gratitude, laugh, start breathing exercises, continue exercising 6 days a week, and meditate every day.

I will continue writing my posts on alternate Thursdays and will share more about this new adventure and its challenges.

Be Kind πŸ’š 🀟 Be Grateful πŸ’š 🀟
Being the Change 🌎