About me

Ok a little bit about me. I am and have always been an Environmentalist, have a Green Energy engineering degree.(2018), BS in Computer science.(1992), Was diagnosed and being fighting (A.L.L) since September 23 1989 Took 4 years of theology.(RC)(1987), Was kicked out of Clown collage. (1986) I’ve been a teacher. A Security systems consultant. With contracts with Banks private companies, The Canadian armed forces (Base Borden) and so much more.

Since August 3 of 2022 (my birthday) I have decided to change up my life, and begin to live a life by a more positive example. It’s been a challenge mostly because of my health. So there’s been a few areas that I have been focusing on. Well, next to completely changing my life.

Becoming a minimalist, although it’s been a longer process then I like. I’ve simplified my life by cutting out the trivial and small, (constantly adding) Will explain in a post. I’m working on becoming more “Green & Sustainable”
I’m Vegan. Been trying to exercise daily 30 to 60 minutes.
Started writing a blog on my process. Pick up garbage weekly at my local beach.(seasonal) Love reading (a book or two a week), I have taken and taught a southern style form of Kung Fu for most of my life. Have started learning Qigong. Want to learn to play 4 songs on the Ukulele. Constantly updating and Learning ASL. (I’m Deaf)

I love helping people as much as possible, I talk with and help people living with or knows someone dealing with cancer. (Individual and/or large groups) Through my personal experiences. Try to laugh daily, Love Mysteries and solving problems. Have a big family that would like to see more of, and finally My past has led me to this moment. I can learn from it, but it’s called the past for a reason. Everything is a work in progress. And will change in time. Especially me. Carpe Diem!