Day 1 of 365.25


Today is Thursday August 3 2023
As of 8:03 am this morning.

I am 56 years 0 months 0 days old
or 672 months 0 days
or 2922 weeks 0 days
or 20,454 days
or 490,896 hours
or 29,453,760 minutes
or 1,767,225,600 seconds

It is Day 1 of 365.25 of my “Living Process.” No more excuses. Regardless of how much time I have left of this life. That part is out of my control. However, how I spend it is! Today is a new beginning, full of hope, kindness, health, learning, adventure, change, love, forgiveness and growth.
I am aware I may stumble at times. Especially during times out of my control. I’m still partly human. But it will only reinforce my determination to work harder.

Today I am leaving as much of my past behind. I’m only focusing on today and what truly matters in my life. My goals, My process, My friends/family near and far, I’m no longer dwelling on how and when I will leave this life. Or what I can’t control. Only what I can.

From this moment on my life will change. If you are not happy about my change… too bad, It’s not my responsibility how you feel about me. I’m no longer adapting my life to fit into everyone’s world, Only for the ones I Love and respect. And with them there’s no need to be, but myself.

I owe so much of this ability to change to a few people (I will tell you personally) I love and hold you as my family. I am dedicating this year to you. Actions will speak louder than words so be ready.

Everyday gives us a chance to start again. And for me it has a much deeper meaning. Those that know… know why. Everyday is a gift. But for the past 8 months I have forgotten this. I have so much regret.

It’s completely up to me how I feel, think, act, say or don’t say. From this day forward I take Complete responsibility for my life, the good and bad.

By the time you read this. (I scheduled this to be posted at 8:03 am) I am home from my morning walk and have just finished my exercises. A fitness test to start. I’ve Showered and probably made my breakfast, and am preparing for today’s adventures. One is to jump in the lake. Even though I started writing this a few days ago. I am completely committed to this. I basically have given myself no choices. I can no longer live this way.

So at 8:03 am EST or 6:03 am MST Every 2 weeks from today (may change to weekly) I will have a new posting and will be continuing to be updating the website.

Welcome to day One. It will be an Incredible Adventure… See you in two weeks but that doesn’t mean that this site won’t have updates often (probably daily for a while) 💚🤟

Be Kind 💚 Be Grateful 💚 Be Love 💚
Be the Change 🌎 Carpe Diem Always 🤟