New Start


Today is Jan 2 2022
The Great thing about living is Everyday is a new beginning a new adventure a new chance to make the change. I know I stopped writing a while ago and I have no excuse so I’m just going to say Todays a new day to start again. In 124 days from today I will be alive for 20,000 days and for me that is incredible I’m going to be doing something, I just haven’t thought of it yet. maybe I’ll write everyday until them I will let you know..
My Year starts on my birthday that was when and why I started this blog, I have 8 more months to make it Extraordinary I started fresh today and will continue this blog on a weekly. Next week I will go over my plans I just wanted this out today. I may ask you for some help to. Ohh! and I’m holding off my plunge in the lake until I’ve reached 20,000 days Until next week Carpe Diem! Be the Change!!