My Next 60 days


My next 60 days
For the next 10 days I will work on what is important in my life. Might be hard at times, but definitely worth it. I’m cutting my Social Media down to about 15 minutes max a day, Will increase my reading/learning time to a minimum 1 hour a day. Will increase the intensity of my workouts to include a yoga/breathing and stretching routine. (When able) I will set up and stick to a schedule for morning and evening routines. Will focus on what is most precious and important in my life and disregard the rest. (Kindly of course) Will cook more healthier meals. Will give more time to the process, that means to be more accountable for my actions, and lack of actions. I will start focusing more on my second goal. By studying ASL 4 days a week. 2 for learning 2 for review. I need to work on being able to adapt to delays, setbacks, losses and change. Not to stress over things I can’t control and focus on what I canโ€ฆ I will Remove all “Time killer apps” from my phone. Will not spend money on things I can’t afford. Work on a way to make an extra +250.00$ a month (Any ideas?) Possibly going back to school. (Fall or Winter timeline)

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