5-30 Day Challenge


As of Yesterday March 6th there will be 150 days until my “Year’s End” (Birthday) so I have decided to do Five 30 day challenges

My Challenges:
1) Cut out Social media Only 10 minutes week ( For posting any updates)
March 6 – April 4

2) Meditate Daily 20 minutes
April 5 – May 4th

3) Walk 10,000 steps daily
May 5th – June 3rd

4) No Coffee or Sugar
June 4th – July 3rd

5) AB workout challenge
July 4th – August 2nd

I will be continuing posting every 2 Thursday as normal, with updates/progress of Challenges

Note: Challenges do not change my daily schedule and Sundays will still be a rest day regardless of schedule for challenge.

Be Kind 💚 🤟 Be Grateful 💚 🤟
Being the Change 🌎