Week 1 of 52


I’m going to label each week this way in order to keep me focused, and organized. My Week starts on Monday I also will be posting every Sunday at 12:01pm(est) . And yes I do realize my goals are a little vague to understand but they’re what I call a big picture goal.

I’m hoping as I learn they will grow with me. And if not they will change. Below I have a daily practices / habits to make sure that I don’t get overwhelmed by the scope of each. And I’m always looking for help and advice.

My first week was to see what would work. When would be the best time to do what I have to do. Is it easier for me to work out in the evening or first thing in the morning? How many times a week can I handle. Is it easier to read / study / meditate / write in the morning or at night? I will be writing in a more personal way. I will be talking to you directly just because I am. you are the one reading this so I am talking to you. and it would be a more open dialog. Here are my first weeks findings..

My discoveries and process week 1

Health: Very poor (Duuuh)
Plan: To walk 2 to 7 km daily
Plan: To get a complete physical asap. To see where I stand.
Plan: To continue my Vegan diet
Plan: Monday, Wednesday, Friday mornings: 15 to 30 + minutes
Exercises: To work on my core. Stretches, Planks, Pushups. Leg raises… (Started)
Plan: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, mornings 30 to 60 + minutes
Exercises: To work on my stamina and breathing. Yoga (To Start this on the 10th Tuesday)

Mindset: Good
It’s definition: A mindset is a series of self-perceptions or beliefs people hold about themselves. These determine behaviour, outlook and mental attitude.
(We all need this)
Plan: Daily 30 minutes mornings 60 minutes evening
Exercises: reading/writing/meditation/practice.

Passive income: Very poor
Plan: Needing research / advice
Exercises: TBA

Documentation: Fair
Plan: To write daily in a journal of my progress and then to post Sunday evening.
Exercises: Daily 15 to 30 minutes throughout the day but mostly mornings and evenings

So this is my plan so far. I have no doubt it will change and grow as I do. I’m looking forward to it! Change is always welcome. It may not be fun but it’s always welcome. Please feel free to comment any ideas you may have or suggestions. I can always adapt to my process.
Be The Change! CARPE DIEM !!