Week 2 of 52


So this past week I had a bit health relapse. nothing new but it also gave me more determination to want to heal. I made a sub goal to go Skydiving on the 23 of September and for those who know my story, know why. This past week has shown me that I should get into much better shape before I even think about diving. I am still doing it but now thinking this spring. I am also have decided that I need to cook more meals and stop being lazy when it comes to cooking. Preparing meals is healthier mainly because I know what’s in it, and it turns out to be much cheaper who knew. So if you know any great vegan recipes please send me a message.

A big part of my Mindset goal is to read. last year I read about 59 books this year I want to try for 67 for no particular reason. its just the year I was born. I will schedule times to do the daily adulting’s to I think not having a schedule has actually helped me become a professional procrastinator. Even for this post, but then again Sunday morning would be the best time to write it. I can read over what I have done throughout the week and reflect it in the post. There my first scheduled must do.
Be The Change!