Working on Mindset


Working on my mindset is not as easy as “it” thinks it is.

I’m speaking of my thoughts/ego and it has been trying to convince me that I don’t need to work, that I’m “good enough,” that I don’t need any improvements. However, that is just convincing me of the opposite.
Lately, I’ve been really focusing on my mindset and one of the many tools I have been working on is to become “The Observer” of my thoughts/ego. I’ve broken it down to 3 steps on how I deal with them.

* The first step is to be able to catch the thoughts before you react to whatever the situation is. (The most difficult step as emotions or ego are always getting in the way.)
* The second step is to accept them for what they are and realize it’s just your old programming.
* The last step is to just put them aside and focus on what’s more important in the present moment.

In my “before time”, I had what you might call a fixed mindset. I’m not saying that I was closed-minded, but I thought I had to express what I was thinking, seeing, or feeling in every moment–to be heard or noticed, to be or feel important. The need to react, to tell everyone or one person, what was on my mind, to express my opinion on whatever it was: this was the most important thing.

Now, of course, I realize it was silly, unnecessary, and sometimes even hurtful. I’m still learning and practicing not to react to what I’m thinking or feeling, Recently, I’ve been practicing it more due to some adulting I have had to go through. But it is getting a lot easier to catch myself when I do. I am grateful

I want this blog to be an extension of my actual process (actions speak louder than words), to be able to show you what I’m going through and working on in my daily life, but in a condensed way. Given the opportunity, I could talk for hours on this tool alone! This is just one of the tools I’ve been working on lately and it’s easier to keep things simple but precise.

Be the change!šŸŒŽ Carpe Diem šŸ’ššŸ¤ŸšŸ¼