Why I started


I started my “Living Process” to show what I personally can do for myself. And I finally got fed up with myself. As you know for over half my life I’ve been in bed. Fighting, Sick, Feeling sorry for myself, Dying and not caring, Watching too much tv. Shutting the world and myself off.
Then one day I got out of bed, had a shower and decided I had enough, so I decided it’s all going to change. I don’t remember the exact date. I started reading every book I could possibly get on having a positive attitude or mindset. One of my favorite books was called The Alchemist. It had one saying that really hit home..
“This to shall pass”
I took this as a personal message for action and understanding. I started reading books on health, exercise, every self-help book I can get to a point where I got overloaded with too much information and forgot half the stuff I read. Then I decided I’m going to try something different. I started writing more..and putting into practice what I’ve been reading/writing, I’ve wrote some examples from all that reading. Like making my bed as soon as I’m out.. Live with Passion, This to shall pass, Minimalism is a key to a simplified life, It is not death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live. Now is all we have. I am completely responsible for everything in my life.
Gratefulness is key.
Be the Change. and so much more… It doesn’t always work and I’ve had relapses but it’s my process…. I love now living by my example, if at times I’m the only one that knows I’m doing it.

Carpe Diem Be the Change 🌎💚🤟🏼