What I can control


Recently I have been working on my mindset about the things I can and can’t control.
A few days ago I was reminded that I can’t control everything that goes on in my life, (physically especially.) However I can control how I feel and react to the situation. I always try to learn from everything and everyone on a daily basis. It is not the easiest thing because there’s a lot of things out there that really don’t make any sense at least to me or why would someone do this or or why did that happen.

However it is under my control on how I react to it. I may get really upset at the moment and sometimes it is just really hard to get over and may take time, but it always does pass. It is up to me. One of the most important lessons I ever learned was that I am completely responsible for everything in my life. And I mean everything! that I am in control of.
I may not be in complete control of my physical health, or how people feel or think about me, I’m not in control about the weather or anything outside my direct influence. but how I react, think, talk, sign and everything else is completely up to me and my responsibility.
That’s what I can control. I know that some of these posts might seem repetitive or even what’s another word for repetitive? but it’s mainly for me to help me get through my process of acceptance, then I can move on.

One of my favorite sayings or messages is “This too shall pass.” It has helped me so much through the difficult times in my life and even in pleasant times. I see it as how and what I feel today is not going to matter in a few days or months from now…. It has passed. Why would you want to hold on to it? Why would I want to hold on to pain or resentment or anger or it wouldn’t matter in a few days. I do hold on to the more pleasant and emotional positive feelings much more but I also know it has passed. I feel so Grateful for when they happen but I know it will pass. I have accepted both sides. That’s helped me to realize that I am responsible for how I feel and act towards everything in my life. the good and the bad
Carpe diem be the change🤟🏼💚