What about 2023


I have decided that I need to get back on track with this website/blog and switch my goals into a higher
gear. I have another 8 months and so far, I’m on track well, except for my fourth goal, but that still needs to be talked about. (Soon I hope)

My first goal is to get into the best shape of my life, both mind and body. It has been a positive process,
I’m up at 7:00 am, in bed by 10:00 pm (depending on what’s going on).
My objective is to read and write daily, it has been a bit of a struggle. But I’m working on it!
As of today, I’m 67.5 kg (about 149 lbs.) and 187 cm (6 feet, 1.6 inches).
I’ve lost a lot of weight since I started, some due to illness, some due to working out daily. I’ve started doing Pilates and/or an ab workout first thing when I get out of bed, then at 9:00-ish I do a cardio set. Then, I spend a little quality time with my dearest friend. The hard part now is putting on the proper muscle and staying on track.

My second goal is to improve my communications and since I’ve started relearning ASL
it has improved to “almost understanding” (if I can remember the sign). I am going to strive to work harder by focusing on at least two lessons a week and recap the second week, so that will be four lessons a month. That will be more realistic for me today, although it may increase next month.

My third goal is by far the most difficult (depending on how my fourth goal goes), and that is To Live My Process. Yes, the first two goals are a part of my process, but the third is about adopting the proper mindset, a way of thinking that follows my path in this life without compromising my life’s message. (TBA)
I’ll strive to
Be kind whenever possible.
Be Water.
Be The Change I wish to see..
Carpe Diem, every day, as much as possible.
Learn and/or teach something daily.
Live simply and adventurously.
Love and be vulnerable (the bravest thing).
And of course, be grateful.

So that’s my 2023, at least for the next eight months.
I have decided to post every 2 weeks so it will be easier for me to keep this going.
Be the change! 🌎 Carpe Diem 💚🤟🏼