Week 3 of 52 +R


So this week I have been failing in some areas exercising and writing but exceeding in others research and habits, So I know I need to work on my discipline so that’s a plus. So I’m giving this week a 5 out of 10 I’ve made a few positive decisions that I want to do from now on, firstly I need help with this website I think one day a week I am going to study WordPress on how I can improve my site. Secondly I’ve decided that once or twice a month I will do a reflect on my thoughts post (the +R will let you know.) and lastly I’m going to wire my place for alarms. Last night the fire alarms went off about 1:30am and the only way I knew I was “paged” an device that flashes to let me know that I am needed. Luckily it was a false alarm. Just a joy of being Deaf and having no money lol.

Life as I see it. You are such an Incredible thing. a True miracle! I remind myself at least once a week. I’ve read somewhere that the odds of you being born are like 4 trillion or 400 trillion to 1. its such a silly amount to even think of but here you and I are. How can I not live in Wonder and Gratitude. Even when my body fails my mind is there. Of course It has taken me time to realize this and my ego (to be named soon) wants to make me forget. and it dose once in awhile (I’m still human) But it is getting easier. What happened last night remined me about this. I believe we are here to live a life worth remembering. To make a difference to be a Positive Example to what is possible even if its to one person. I see it as a challenge to overcome. Everyday is a gift I have realized this a long time ago just need a reminder now and then. Like I mentioned my ego wants me to forget this,,, there is Beauty even in the smallest things. You just need to open your eyes.. Be the Change