Time Passes


Hi I know its been a minute since my last post. However there been a lot of chaos happing..
First of all, My mother died on March 9th in the hospital where she was for a few weeks I sent her for having bad stomach pain … then dealing with everything that comes with death and loss… as well as having to move, to a “my price range” bachelor apartment. and of course health on top of everything else … It’s been a crazy chaotic time…
So I decided to start writing today not to discuss what has past but to start fresh, I celebrated my 20 thousands days alive got a tattoo (Thank you) and I recently went to Calgary Alberta just for 4 days … It was by far the most incredible Adventure I’ve had in Forever. With Absolutely My Favorite People! Oh and seen Jane Goodall I really want to go back! and Definitely will if asked.(Please ask soon;) )
So I am reinventing myself. Its time “To Be” instead of planning I of course will make a lot of mistakes and hopefully fail at even more. I’m not waiting for any particular date because nothing is promised. Especially time. I even woke up early today (Sunday) I didn’t do much, said Good Morning to my Dearest friend, and thought about the day. Started the planning out my week. It will be busy but proactive. (Well Except Friday.. Vampires.) I’m Even planning on changing the site a bit to be more “Me” I have 31 days until my Birthday but today things change… I have a tea meeting soon so will say..
Carpe Diem Being the Change !!