The Next 139 Days


I am going to be as focused as possible on my goals!!

To be at least 87 kg (190 lbs) . As of today I’m 67 kg (147 lbs). (Not healthy). To be Toned and a hint of a good six pack, with the ability to touch my toes without issues.

Finish reading six to 8 books that I have in mind. Even at a chapter a day should be very possible. (Mindset)

Get to at least lesson 25 to 30 in ASL.

Rebuild something I lost…💚 (Most Important!)

My day plan as of Monday (March 20th)

Up at 7am… Drink glass of water
7:07am… Make bed, 10 pushups, Do stretches, Breathing exercise, Put on the kettle for coffee, Write in journal, Meditate, Review plans for the day, Say my Good mornings.

8am…Walk GD, Water plants care for Hydroponics,
9-9:15… Do a workout, Pilates, Cardio, Weights, TRX, (Depending on the day and Health) Sundays are recovery.
10- 10:30… Breakfast, 2nd coffee, Tidy up kitchen.

Start the day…
Studying ASL 3 Days a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday (1 to 2 hours).
3pm… Walk GD
4:30-5pm… Dinner (Vegan of course).. Tidy up kitchen.

7pm… Wind down the day… plan for next day, possibly movie
8:30… Walk GD
9pm… Read a chapter a day minimum, meditate possibly yoga.
10pm… Bed (2 Glasses of water next to the bed one for morning)

My day is pretty open for discovery at the moment. As things are changing. Possible plans. Website, Writing, Studying ASL (A must), Volunteering, YouTube, Swimming twice a week, Teaching…TBA
Sundays will always be the day of rest, recovery, reflection, planning and preparing meals for the week.

Be the Change 🌎 Carpe Diem 💚🤟🏼