I started re-reading Tim Ferriss’s book The 4 – Hour Work Week (updated version) . It pointed me to his blog. Some of it is a bit dated but still brilliant. On one of his post’s talked about “Testing the “impossible” 17 questions that changed my life”

I really liked the idea. Questions can be so powerful so I am going to adapt it to my process. I’ve already started. I asked myself the first couple of many questions. And grouped them together under the “What/How” type of questions. I realize that some of the questions are going to take time.

For now I will work on each question for at least a month just to see. I will repeat, add or change the questions each month (not in any order)

What if I stopped complaining (and try to avoid the people who do)
What if I stopped gossiping and judging (and try to avoid the people who do)
What if I stop being self – indulging
What if I became more disciplined
How important is this/that in my life
How can I simplify this/that
What are my values
What is my Why
How much money do I need to be happy each month
How can I make that happen.
What 3 things I will not tolerate in my life anymore.

What steps do I need to answer these questions !

At the beginning of each month I will be editing this adding/subtracting different questions as I go along and focus on adding it to my process.
Some other examples would be..
What would happen if…
How would x…
Who knows/would x…
Let’s see where it leads 💚

Be Kind 💚 Be Grateful 💚 Be Love 💚 Be the Change 🌎 Carpe Diem Always 🤟