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This is a personal scarry post on my progress, but definitely won’t be my last. Just to show what is possible and have a “before” to compare. I have learned words can be meaningless without action. We never know when the Next Great Adventure will happen although I was told many times to be ready for it by the top doctors.

I have decided I’m going to be as open as possible with you with this adventure otherwise what’s the point. As of today I am 6″2′ 187 lbs 54 years old (19,883 days)

I Have a big family. I’m Deaf, Completely out of shape. (Not overweight just out of shape) Spend to much time procrastinating/on social media. On Permanent disability. About 9k in dept, (school/medical/dog) but with great life insurance. When I die I will be turned into a tree.(Green Burial) and be able to give to family and friends. I have been fighting for what seems to be a lifetime battle with leukemia (1989) with a side of hemochromatosis. (to much iron) And heart disease. all together they have wonderful side effects.
(I live with Pain and brain fog)
I take care of my bedridden mother who’s 89. She does get help twice a day with the changing and cleaning up by some incredible PSW (Personal Support Workers) helpers.

I am forever Grateful for my life. I live in the Beaches (Toronto) I am a proud level One Vegan, (Thank you Kay) A Green energy engineer, an environmentalist, a minimalist, A devoted lover of Nature, Water, Astronomy, Mysteries and Laughing. I am a forever optimist. I love to read / write (I am writing a book on my life with help from this blog) Researching and living a way to Save the World. Working daily to reducing my carbon footprint. In the Summer I do a weekend beach cleaning and volunteer as much as possible however due to this virus it’s been difficult. And this is just a little peak about me. So this is a starting point. At least for this blog. Although I have been working on it for a little while.

On May 6th I will reach my 20,000 days of being on this beautiful Planet and will be celebrating it. I just haven’t decided how yet, I have a few ideas a friend offered to pay for a sky diving day. A hike to a place I’ve never been. Jumping in the lake… Recording YouTube videos… What do you think I should do? I try to Live Everyday as a gift because why not?! Every day is a miracle it simply is.

One of my goals in life is that when someone thinks about me they smile and feel grateful. My Process is just Beginning
Be the change Carpe Diem 🤟🏼💚