Not a fun week


This site is a journey in my Process The good and the bad
So I feel I need to be as transparent (as much as I’m comfortable with it). This past week has not been fun, I’ve recently stopped my new pain medications. Since Monday morning I have been on strong pain medications to deal with pain… I had to stop them, because they put me in a very dark place Bad enough to look into and downloaded some of the forms for M.A.I.D. (medical assistance in dying) I have no problem qualifying for it But That’s not who I am, or what I’m about.
I went to the hospital Friday morning and told them about it they told me that that may happen and I should give it a few more days to balance it out… (But No F-n Way) I said no and stopped yes the pain will be returning (Its not Fun) but I would rather live with it then be that dark. I’m still dealing with the it but soon things will get better. So this will be a quick update

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