My up coming year


So a lot has happened this past year. A lot of change mainly. Mom’s passing, Health crashing, Moving, and dealing with loss alone… Also a lot of Support Love and Adventure. I have been in a self imposed Hibernation for a very long time and have read a lot of books on every subject. One of my favorites is Self-Help, Mainly because I thought I needed it (I was right) I have learned so much about myself and others and I’m still learning. I am reading 4 books a month but looking to increase it to 5.

For this year I am changing things up (a LOT). Its still My Living Process, That’s wont change. This year I have only 4 goals instead of 12 one for every month (3 main and 1 special) My 1st is my Health. It is something I want to finally deal with.. Proper Communicating, is my 2nd and My Process the 3rd. The 4th is very special.. It is a Gift I gave to my Inspiration. and as I’m writing this I have no Idea what it is.. They are all intense and difficult to complete, but I am ever so more determined to see this Adventure through.. The most important thing I did for this year was to dedicate my year it to one of my Dearest friends. Highly Recommend this if you need that extra support.

Not only does it give me Determination and Accountability, but also such a Want and Desire not to let myself or her down.. I can honestly say I never had that before, especially when it came to my goals.
I am Forever Grateful for so many things in this wonderful adventure. She is on my top 5 (“They” Inspire me Daily! This is for another day.) This week and next I am breaking things down to manageable tasks I can handle on a daily bases. and taking things One day at a time…My next post will be the goals to date. I have been Living My Process but this year it will bean Incredible Adventure !!

Be the change! šŸŒŽ Carpe Diem šŸ’ššŸ¤ŸšŸ¼