My Tao (Path-Way)


This will be a multi-part post spread out over a month or two. This is a brief overview from what I came from, to today.

My Beliefs Growing Up
I was born into and raised as a Roman Catholic. For the most part it was good. I went to school, then studied theology. At the same time, I was deeply involved with Nature and the Martial Arts, starting with Karate (Goju Ryu). Eventually, that led me to Zen Buddhism. That led to Kung Fu (both southern and northern styles, mostly Shaolin) and introduced me to Tao Te Ching (Taoism), then to Yin Yang, then finally to LenJa, which combines all of them and more (my Tao). I had a combination of East and West beliefs growing up. The West by my Parents and the Church, The East by the Arts and self taught/Lessons.

Then my beliefs, meaning life drastically changed 34 years ago Those who know, understand.
In the period that followed, I lived a shadow of what I had called life of course, there’s been good and better days, weeks, since. However, it was out of my control.

Recently I have been remembering how I used to live-be (gaining some control). It’s been a slow process, influenced by random experiences and thoughts plus basically hitting bottom emotionally.

It wasn’t by any awakening or an epiphany, it was a natural process that grew from writing in my journal (highly recommended). With quite a few recent dramatic days and darker nights Past visits from dear friends. Even taking care of some plants (and how I got them). I then noticed two incredible handmade gifts, hanging in my place. Both different but hold the same meaning, at least to me. Balance. Life. Love. Strength. Determination. Growth. and Change.

Causing my shadow to fade with some insightful light.
I will write in more detail about my beliefs in my next post. This was just a brief overview.

Be Kind πŸ’š Be Grateful πŸ’š Be Love πŸ’š Be the Change 🌎 Carpe Diem Always 🀟