My purpose


I never really had a clear understanding of what my life purpose was, only that I felt I needed one. I always felt something was missing.

I created The Living Process to help, in part, with this. I felt it was time to change. I have my Tao, faith, beliefs, and rules but to me a purpose is more. It’s the spark that starts the fire on the days when life is more challenging. It gives reason to questions.

Recently, my health has been in a downward spiral. It is causing me to want a better understanding of my life. To find my Purpose, my Reason, my Why. I will be re-reading a few books that have resonated with me.

At various times in my life I thought I would love to be an environmentalist, a green energy engineer, an IT security engineer, a teacher of martial arts, an entertainer (magic clown with puppets), and a few other possibilities—all of which I pursued. Carpenter, jeweler, antique dealer, locksmith, forester, marine biologist: they were more jobs or pipe dreams than an actual purpose.

For the next 30 days I will be doing a deep dive into finding my purpose. Considering my likes, hobbies, passions, beliefs, faith, etc. and their opposites. I’ll put it down on paper and, of course, I will keep you posted

After the 30 days I will write about my findings and how I got there. I will also give a brief breakdown of how my year is going. I’ll be halfway through!

Be Kind 💚 Be Grateful 💚 Be Love 💚 Be the Change 🌎 Carpe Diem Always 🤟