My next 40 days


This is difficult to write. It’s about dealing with setbacks and loss. I had to admit to myself that I won’t meet my goals. (Very hard) It’s not that I have given up on them, on the contrary, I am more determined, but I have to admit that my health and mind has been restricting any and all progress. I haven’t been able to exercise or eat for weeks. So I have been trying to work on my mindset. (Not easy without food)

I am going to start fresh and do some Pilates and an ab workout on Monday, nothing to heavy but hopefully enough to get some momentum back.
I have really miss my morning exercises, especially with my best friend, I have lost a lot of motivation, however I am incredibly determined to do what I can with what I have. (Thank you Kay & Reecon Missing you both so much 💚)
I signed up for a walk I try to do every year (Cure for cancer at PMH (look me up)) and school (Electronic engineering degree at Centennial college) this September.
So Today and tomorrow I will get my place set up again, purging the negatives and adding as much positive energy as possible.

After these 40 days I will Start my goals all over with something to prove. I have to prove to myself that I am worthy of my friends and family (Especially my family in Alberta)💚🤟

Be Kind, Be the Change ğŸŒŽ Carpe Diem 💚🤟🏼