My last 20 days


Since January, I have been dealing with loss, setback and health. However I take full responsibility for everything. I have been feeling regret, shame, pity, loneliness and heartbreak on a daily, sometimes on an hourly basis. I am so fed up feeling this way… you have no idea…

There are only 20 days until my birthday (My new year’s beginning) . I have made a vow to myself and my best friends/family (although they don’t know this) that this year ahead will be completely different from what I have been living. (Since January.) I have given myself the last 20 days to get this worked out. My next post will be on the 3rd of August. It will be a break down of my year. I will have my goals that are a “Must”. (Some won’t change.)
I will be changing up the website to fit this new “Living Process” I Will be much more accountable for my actions. (I need this) I Will be posting every 9 days with one or two exemptions for the next 40 weeks. I am excited and very fearful for the year, but hopeful of the changes I get to make so…

Welcome to year 56 🤯 Never dreamed it would happen!

Be Kind, Be the Change 🌎 Carpe Diem 💚🤟🏼