My Job


Is to become the living process. I have a basis of What and How and most importantly Who I am. Constantly working on my Why (for now) It’s not the perfect time to start this but the only time I have. I might not have everything but I have everything I need to start now. I have 61 more days to go before I hit my 20,000 days on this beautiful planet. It’s Time to make a difference. I’ve been on the Living Process adventure for some time, but I have never actually had a “start date” so why not now? It’s truly all we ever have, I know this won’t be perfect but nothing ever is. I’m actually looking forward to making mistakes and learning and improving my process. I will be getting a notebook (probably just use one I have) just for this adventure and so as of tomorrow morning my adventure begins! At 6:00am I’m out of bed. I’ll drink some water, make my bed and start writing/journaling on the day ahead and what I get to do. Then I will read a bit, reflect, exercise, shower, coffee, breakfast and then Carpe Diem..
Recently life has been more challenging then the “norm”. but I’m still here and able to make a difference in 14 days it will be the first day of Spring and time to start my Beach cleanup and my time to get out of my self imposed winter hibernation. And make an impact on this beautiful planet that also means be more active with my posting and projects that I will be doing. Will be expanding this site to be able to be/do more.
For me. Time is the most important thing I have, So I am going to try to use what ever I have left to make such a positive impact through my work/Job So for now…

Carpe Diem be the change 💚🤟🏼