Living in Gratitude


So this is how being Grateful I think took part in saving my life…
Quite a few years ago I was reading a book and can’t remember what book it was and it said “What’s one thing you can be grateful for?” For me at that time. I laughed and said nothing! How can I be grateful for where I am, and what I am. (A Major pity party time) Then later that day I was lying in bed and the pain eased up just a bit and I caught myself saying “That’s better” and then something clicked..
I thought ok… why does having to be grateful need to be such a big thing? So I started to find the simplest things about how the hospital sheets felt, How I could eat in bed How I didn’t have to worry about sleeping all day (Was a bad habit at the time a part of the “pity party”) Then day by day little things started adding up in me. It’s amazing how much better I felt emotionally and spiritually. Every day after that I would look for just one thing more every day that I’m grateful for it didn’t matter how small or simple it was I could remember feeling grateful for the smell of a cup of tea, because it reminded me of when I was younger I would make a cup of tea for Mom and Dad I had to walk so slowly down the hall not to spill a drop. I probably hated doing it at that time, but it brought back such positive good memories.
So today my advice for you is just to spend 3 minutes out of the 1,440 minutes in a day. To find just one thing you’re grateful for. It can even be a memory, it doesn’t matter (There is ALWAYS something) and I can promise you if you keep doing this on a daily basis it will be life-changing. It’s the smallest things that can make the biggest impact in your life. Please give yourself this gift it’s free. I try to live in Gratitude it’s an incredible Adventure. And I am reminded of this daily by the incredible souls I have in my life.
Carpe Diem Be the Change πŸ€ŸπŸΌπŸ’š