Dealing with Health


How I Am Dealing with It Now
I read books and listen to advice from doctors and friends, the ones I love and trust. Only to a point, though; I don’t want to be overwhelmed. It’s mostly good advice. However, I have learned that it’s better to follow the lessons I have learned from my own experiences and deal with things accordingly. I take what is useful, and disregard what’s not. The good and the bad.
I have realized that there are things I have control over, and things I don’t, even when it comes to my own body. So, I made a small list.

Things I Can Control
Exercise: My changing schedule adding 6 days of yoga.
Diet: Vegan. (Adding Vitamins & minerala). I need to eat healthier, less vegan junk food
Mindset: A work in progress but working on it
Sleep: Working on a schedule.
Willpower: Being more proactive.
Learning: ASL, Herbs, Journaling, Hydroponics/plant care, and more
Time: I give

Things I Can’t Control
Sickness: When and how it happens and how it affects my life and health
Other people:
Time: It takes

I have time in both lists, and there’s a reason for this. I can use my time when I’m stronger and healthier to work on the things I can control, scheduling it and using it to my benefit.
But I can’t do this when I don’t have control due to health challenges. I have to let it take its course. It’s that simple.
I am only going to focus on the things I can control, and accept that there will be times when some things are out of my control. In a way, this gives me some control over the situation.

I’m hoping to change my fate and create outcomes that will be different from everything I have been told.

I have learned to give weight to advice from someone I trust completely who has dealt or is dealing with something similar—never from someone who has just read an article or a book on the subject, heard about it on social media or the news, or from a doctor in a different field of study. Although their intentions may be kind, I can’t accept it even from loved ones.
Trust your judgment. Take lessons from your own personal experiences. Follow up and learn from people who are walking a similar path. And always ask for help when needed.

Be Kind 💚 Be Grateful 💚 Be Love 💚 Be the Change 🌎 Carpe Diem Always 🤟