53 minutes


Working on staying focused

Yesterday after going through my journal I actually noticed I had set a few reminders that I have to get certain things done, Before my 20 thousand days. I’ve definitely been Procrastinating on most things. Always giving myself excuses on why I shouldn’t be doing this right now, And that I can do it later or tomorrow.. bla bla bla

So I’m starting “The 53 minute rule” which means that I’m going to focus on work/cleaning/or whatever needs to be done for 53 minutes. And only after will I take a break.
I think I’ve read it in High Performance Habits by Brendon Bouchard. (A great book) It’s a Habit/Time management tool you can probably find everywhere. Although the minutes may vary. It’s how I attend to stay focused on what I have to do without distractions.
Apparently 53 minutes is what most people can handle at a given time.

I personally get distracted very easily, so I decided I’m giving myself this gift. I have already set up a countdown alarm on my watch to help stay focused. I’m guessing most people find it easier to listen to music or an audiobook, Something that helps pass the time “a distraction” on what they’re doing.
Being deaf it’s not an option. I just have my thoughts. And I am getting more comfortable with them daily. It has taking me some time to get there. But I’m close (Possibly next week’s blog)

I’m about to go test this rule.(56 minutes later…)

I’m actually quite impressed about how much work I actually got done, I did make sure I had the time to use and I didn’t focus on anything but getting the things done. I still have a lot to do but now I know how to do it much easier with less effort. I don’t have to worry about where I’m starting. I just pick a spot, set my time and go. It’s that easy.

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