My New Living Process


My new Website will be my living record for my process of living a life by Example.

To begin this adventure, I have created a list of rules I will follow and read daily.
I know that it’s a work in Progress (no pun intended) and will change but It’s a positive start. I will be writing weekly and posting Sunday’s

Take Complete Responsibility of my life.
Be the Person you want to be Life is too short to be something else
Be the LivingProcess
Love, Grateful, Example
Live with Integrity
Live in the Moment
Live with Passion and Purpose
Live simply but Extraordinary
Always remember This to will pass
See the Positive in Every Situation
Drop the Ego and be True
Have an Open Mind Don’t Compare Judge or Assume
Stay as Green as Possible
Treat others as I wish to be Treated
Live so I don’t Regret
Always Smile
Be Grateful Treat Everyday as a Gift from God
Always be Prepared
Stop Worrying over things I can’t control
Let go of the Need to control
Give to Give Not to Receive
Give up the Words Can’t and Should
Question Everything
Don’t Gossip or speak badly about anyone
Never Settle
If I can’t afford it don’t buy it
I control my Emotions and Thoughts
Exercise Daily I have only one body
Stop talking and Listen Think before I speak
Don’t sweat the Small stuff
Keep is Simple Don’t over think
Stop Complaining
Be Happy because that’s the whole point