Getting restarted the right way


Throughout my life I’ve had a lot of restarts, goals, plans, projects. And for the the most part never really happen or only getting partially done. However this time has been completely different, by not putting any strict timeline or pressure to this process and writing it down in simple steps. I have released a lot of stressing out. I have even extend my book writing to my progress. I have set up simple weekly and monthly goals.(Sunday’s the day I plan out my week and the last Sunday for the Month)
It’s to keep me motivated. My weekly goals are small steps that add to my “Living Process”. This week’s goal is to tackle a closet and do a major purge/donate and my monthly goal has been to complete a Hydrophobics design for my place and enter it in a contest.

No matter how small doing something daily has been incredible to my progress. Even the simple act of writing it down for you to read, helps me feel accountable and motivated. I have just decided to write a weekly update either as part of my blog or on a page on its own I haven’t decided yet but you will be the first to see! Next weekend I go through something I call vampires weekend. I will write about it soon (Health thing) but basically It’s not a fun weekend! so I will be posting twice this week and/or will be adding to the website itself. Carpe Diem 💚🤟🏼♻️