Day Off


Welcome to my Living Process!
Sundays I have taken as my “day off”. Basically to do nothing, and anything I want to do. Read, sleep, take notes, Write, long/short meditations, Practice, walks… I stay away from all social media. I may watch a movie or some fluff. However for the most part the TV stays off. I only do two things. 1st is to plan out my week and 2nd is to post an update to this site. The 2nd is new but it will help me focus and add a bit of discipline to my life. This site will be constantly changing as I do. I’m planning it to be an addition to my book and living process on it’s own, as a proof of concept to what works and doesn’t, (and hopefully get feedback from you.) My writing style, spelling and grammar may improve. My posts will also become more detailed (maybe) although I haven’t decided how yet.
I will try to keep my posts short but informed whatever is happening and there will be polling and questions as soon as I figure out how. And much more as it grows. So that’s it for now. Carpe Diem! ❤♻️🤟🏼